Your wedding is THE place and time when the greatest number of your loved ones will gather under one roof or one sky.

Your photos should capture those relationships, that party, that joy.

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Let me tell you how I got here.

I never intended to be a wedding photographer.

But I knew I liked to create. I needed to create.

I knew there are a million things to observe at any given minute, most of which go ignored. So I slowly got better at what I did. Started to find my voice.

And I figured out somewhere along the way (after I mastered my nerves and could actually eat on wedding days)


Weddings are an exceptional moment in our culture. THE only day you will invite EVERYONE who really matters to you, who has helped make you what you are.


Weddings are the only day in which most of us will take the time, money, and opportunity to memorialize the real, unposed relationships we share with our loved ones.

This was an INCREDIBLY freeing realization for me. The wedding was not the thing I was photographing. The wedding was the venue. What I was actually capturing were the incredible, one-in-a-million, incomprehensible personalities all gathering in one space.

Wedding days are fundamentally about bringing our loved ones into the same frame.

And I am honored and committed to preserving those memories.

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You might have just clicked on this page to see my face. If that's the case, sorry to disappoint.

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My iphone is out of space from pictures of this 125lb Labradane.

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Do I get outside often enough? Never. But it's where I feel most alive.


"Bryan has a calming and thoughtful presence that put us at ease and we laughed often throughout both sessions. On our wedding day he reminded us to take some quiet moments together throughout the day in a way that helped us to feel grounded and present. He captured so many candid, emotional moments throughout the day. Our photos are beautiful and will be treasured!"


"We were able to just interact with each other and be present for our wedding and get beautiful pictures that aren?t posed but very much authentic to who we are as a couple, and we have really amazing pictures of our guests as well. Our pictures capture the day and the feeling we had so well. He is very creative and sneaky (in the best way possible). We could not be more satisfied with the pictures and the experience. We will treasure these pictures forever, Thank you Bryan!!!"


"Bryan is an artist-- with a super rad personality to boot. I am convinced his sixth sense is knowing when something special is about to happen and capturing it beautifully on film. Bryan is the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the very top of the line. We treasure our photos and highly recommend!"


"Bryan was able to capture so many beautiful moments, wonderful facial expressions, and beautiful backdrops with amazing light and his artistic eye. On the day of our wedding we barely felt that he was there, yet the photos feel like he captured every key moment from multiple angles. He was super easy to work with, kind, attentive, fun, and engaging. It helped that we were so comfortable with him by our wedding day, so everything felt very natural. We are so thankful."


"Bryan is amazing. He was very easy and pleasant to communicate with right off the bat, and suggested we all meet for a drink to get to know each other a bit. It helped me relax so much about the wedding photo process - I hate having pics taken of me and Bryan made me and my fiance feel so comfortable. His style is so unobtrusive and natural that I didn't even really feel I was being photographed - exactly what I needed!"